New Year’s Eve in Vienna 2020/2021

New Year’s Eve in Vienna 2019/2020

This city can be visited in many ways. Despite the most traditional, i.e. on foot, you can also choose a bus, historic tram, ship or even a cab. And there are certainly plenty of places to visit – in Vienna you can find more than 27 castles and 150 palaces. Perhaps the most famous of them is Hofburg – the former seat of the Habsburg Emperors. Currently, the complex includes museums, cafes and parks offering a bit of rest. It is also worth visiting Schoenbrunn – the former summer residence of the imperial family, including Empress Sissi.

New Year’s Eve in Vienna is perfect for couples or groups of friends. Local attractions will guarantee it is the best night in your life! You can choose amongst pubs, clubs, outdoor events or rent an apartment and celebrate with the view!