New Year’s Eve in Rome 2020/2021

New Year’s Eve in Rome 2019/2020

Rome – “Eternal City”, “living art gallery” – these are just some of the terms that are permanently assigned to Rome. Each of them is, however, completely true, because it is here that you can admire the remains of ancient and medieval monuments. The most famous are the Roman Forum and the Pantheon, with them nothing has a chance to compete. No wonder, after all, these are places that have been invariably the same for thousands of years, how much they survived. Another highlight of the program is the Colosseum and the tremendous Trevi fountain.

Romantic atmosphere is easily noticeable. Cafes, restaurants, amazing views guarantee perfect time spent in the capital of Italy. How about celebrating New Year’s Eve there? Marvellous! The climate of the city is perfect for this time of year.