New Year’s Eve in Lodz 2020/2021

New Year’s Eve in Lodz 2019/2020

Lodz is located in central Poland. City is known for industrial vibe of XIX century factories and contribution to development of cinema . Check what is worth to see in this modern, industrial, but on the other hand artistic city.

What to do in Lodz? Places, that are worth seeing.

Industrial roots of Lodz 

The 19th century industry, associated with the intensive development of the city, resulted in the creation of numerous textile factories and the residences of powerful entrepreneurs.

Today in Łódź you can admire the traces of such industrial history of the city, mainly in the popular shopping and recreation center Manufaktura, which was established in the area of the former 19th-century textile factory of Izrael Poznanski. Next to it you’ll see the beautiful Poznański’s palace.

The Księży Młyn district with the huge Scheibler factory, workers’ estate and factory residences is also very interesting in this respect. Visiting Piotrkowska street, you can see the famous White Factory.

History of film and cinema in Lodz

Lodz is a city truly associated with cinema, film, actors and broadly understood art. There is a popular National Film, Television and Theater School Leon Schiller in Lodz. The Walk of Fame Avenue of Stars, located on the main route – Piotrkowska Street it is modeled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and brings together stars located in pavemement with the names of famous Polish artists associated with the cinema – actors, directors and operators.

The Piotrkowska Street

The basic point during a visit to Lodz is visiting Piotrkowska Street, which is considered to be a city in a nutshell. On these 5 km you will find many characteristic places of the city. You will find Rose Passage here – the yard is entirely decorated with pieces of glass, creating beautiful light reflections.

You will find there beautifully renovated and eclectic tenements, villas and magnificent palaces of former entrepreneurs, which rise majestic here, as well as teams of 19th-century industrial architecture with the White Factory at the forefront. There is also a magnificent archcathedral here.

In addition, Piotrkowska street offers museums, pubs, restaurants, discos, art galleries and cinemas – in a word, everything. You can also see here recently fashionable sculptures, monuments and other creations of small architecture. You will see the Tuwim’s Bench, Rubinstein’s Piano, Bear Uszatek, etc. Murals are also the symbol of Lodz – you can admire them on the walls of historic buildings.

New Year’s Eve in Lodz – where to party in pubs and clubs

You can spend this special New Year’s Eve night in a lot of fun ways. For example, you can go for film show at Old Cinema in Lodz. Movies in the atmospheric Old Cinema, night in beautiful rooms with cinema accents, popcorn and many delicious dishes are waiting for you. This is a great offer for people who love cinema. If you want to move into a disco and ’70s vibe, opt for Saturday Night Fever. Colorful lights, disco balls, dance hits, and excellent cuisine! We invite you on a hot journey through the New York clubs of the ’70s. If you like the classic party with club music and nice dishes, the Epic New Year’s Eve with Lobotomy Crew is something for you. If you like bowling, you can’t miss the New Year’s Bowling Party. Bowling entertainment awaits you until 3:00 a.m., entertainment with DJ all night, drinks and beverages, as well as dishes are waitining for you. If you are looking for New Year’s entertainment for children, you can provide them with fun in the laser mazes combined with many tasty snacks, accommodation and surprises. Choose the Laser New Year’s Eve for children in the Alfa Laser Game

New Year’s Bowling Party

Movie New Year’s Eve in the Old Cinema

Epic New Year’s Eve with Lobotomy Crew

New Year’s Eve in Lodz – city party

This year, during the New Year’s Eve in Lodz, you will be able to enjoy a light show made using drones. Lodz decided to set an example to other European cities that you can spend New Year’s Eve in a safe, harmless for environment and animals way. Air Show is a show of drones moving to the rhythm of music with great light visualizations that you will definitely not forget!

New Year’s Eve in Lodz – OFFERS, PARTIES, EVENTS