New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2020/2021

New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2019/2020

The city can be regarded almost as a monument and the best portfolio of Antoni Gaudi. Parks, palaces and churches, at the head of the Sagrada Familia, one of the highest in the world. Important points of Barcelona are Plaza de España and Plaza Cataluña. The capital of Catalonia also has its own Arc de Triomphe, built on the occasion of the World Expo in 1888. Barcelona has the best beaches, as well as a huge number of parks. We will also find there the largest aquarium and aquarium in Europe – so you can not complain about the lack of attractions.

New Year’s Eve in Barcelona? Great idea! Outdoor events, concerts, attractions, balls in fancy restaurants.. Everything is waiting for you here! Join the spanish fiesta which you’ll never forget!