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New Year's Eve in Warsaw 2019/2020

A modern city, full of greenery and bustling – this is what Warsaw is like today. It’s a place where history and the present interact with each other. Warsaw is not only the capital of Poland, but also the capital of business and culture. Throughout the year, various events, festivals, fairs and other events take place here, which attract not only Poles, but also tourists from other countries. In the local restaurants you can taste traditional Polish dishes or various foreign “experiments”.

The capital and the largest Polish city offers tourists a wealth of attractions – from architectural monuments to many cultural events throughout the year. Those who have not yet visited the Copernicus Science Center should do it as soon as possible – a multi-hour stay allows to learn about the operation of many inventions and the principles of physics. The Museum of the Warsaw Uprising, which has been operating for several years, presents the history of the insurgents in a unique way and shows the equipment of the fighters during the Second World War.

In the city tourists are well-known Warsaw Old Town with the Royal Castle and Łazienki – one of the most beautiful parks in the country. It is worth taking a walk through Krakowskie Przedmieście, where many houses are crowding around. Relax and calm down in Łazienki Park, Wilanów Park or Powązki. Another place that you definitely need to visit while in Warsaw is of course Vistula river! There is nothing more pleasant than a rest by the river, with a view of the city that is bustling in the distance.

New Year’s Eve in Warsaw by the Vistula river is amazing occasion to celebrate end of the year and beginning of the new one. Fireworks and then party in the club? Or romantic walk? There is nothing better!