New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw 2020/2021

New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw

Wroclaw located on the Odra river is a wonderful capital of polish Lower Silesia. It is one of the most interesting and at the same time the most beautiful urban centers in Poland, extremely attractive for residents and tourists.

Wroclaw, called the Flower of Europe, will delight everyone – beautiful architecture, charming alleys, green spaces, eateries with an unusual atmosphere, thriving cultural and recreational centers as well as the unique general atmosphere of the city mean that you do not want to leave.

What to do in Wroclaw? Places, that are worth seeing.

Today tourists from all over Poland, as well as from abroad, come here eagerly. The magnificent Market Square is always full of life and its beauty is equal to other famous Markets – in Krakow or Poznan. Among the historic tenement houses, the characteristic and wonderful Town Hall – the symbol of the city – stands on the Market Square. Inside is the famous Piwnica Świdnicka – the oldest restaurant in Europe.

You also cannot miss the magical Ostrów Tumski – the oldest part of Wroclaw with the magnificent Cathedral from the 13th-14th century. The Gothic temple is the most valuable religious monument of the city.

Panorama Racławicka in Wroclaw attracts crowds of tourists from all over the country and more. Inside the characteristic round building there is a panorama depicting episodes from the battle of Racławice. This painting has impressive dimensions – 115 x 15 m, and the authors are Wojciech Kossak and Jan Styka, who painted it on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the battle.

In the other hand, Wroclaw offers a lot of modern attractions too. For example, you can visit the highest point in the city – Wroclaw Sky Tower. View from this building is truly amazing and we recommend visit Sky Tower esspecially at night to see the thousand of sparkling lights of the city. It is a new symbol of the city – the tallest office building in Poland with 212 m!

Tourists also willingly visit the Wroclaw Zoo, which is popular all over the country. In 2014 to the complex of the zoo was added an extremely modern and beautiful Africarium with aquariums, pools and tunnels full of African creatures. This is unique not only in Poland, but also in the world!

The climatic Japanese Garden is also worth to visit, this place is inscribed on the UNESCO List and it is located near Hala Stulecia.

In addition, Wroclaw has also attractions like the Land of Miniatures, Gallery of Neons, which is a very trendy spot in the city or the Museum of the University of Wroclaw with beautiful baroque interiors. Obviously, climatic and stylish restaurants are must have in such a european city like Wroclaw – do not forget to visit stunning cafes and pubs. Walking across the Old Town will be pure pleasure – this place has a lot of beautiful, colorful tenements. You can also visit the Courtyard at Roosevelt Street, which is 1,200 square meters of stunningly colorful landscapes, sculptures, ceramics and portraits creating original street art.

New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw – where to party in pubs and clubs

If you are inspired to visit Wroclaw and spend the New Year’s Eve in this brilliant city, we present you some ideas for excellent party. If you want to feel like a hollywood star, take part in HOLLYWOOD PARTY and play among the props of famous characters from Hollywood movies. In case you are a big fan of James Bond, you must go for New Year’s Eve 007 – James Bond in the Krobielowice Palace. Poker, roulette, black jack, photo wall with agent’s gadgets are waiting for you! If you are searching amazing party for your kids, you can take them to Mysterious New Year’s Eve for children in Wroclaw – all-night fun! Plenty of puzzles, curiosities, experiments are waiting for children. Do you want a New Year’s Eve in a glamour style? If you like elegance and splendor – this event is just for you! It is the best way to taste the excellent cuisine, have fun in good company and dance to great hits. 

Hollywood Party in Wroclaw

Mysterious New Year’s Eve for children in Wroclaw – all-night fun!

New Year’s Eve in a glamour style

New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw – city party

The New Year’s Eve stage in Wroclaw has been set up for years, featuring various and talented artists. New Year’s Eve is accompanied by music playing until the morning. There will be no fireworks show. This year the event is entitled “Wroclaw Respect”. The city organized a casting for disabled people to give them a chance to present their skills on stage. The organizers want to turn the Market into a big club with the best hits. The biggest stars of New Year’s Eve are not yet announced, but it is worth being patient and observing the news.

New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw – OFFERS, PARTIES, EVENTS